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Victor Chandler Online Casino Review

VC or Victor Chandler Casino, have in total over 60 years experience in trusted gaming. With fantastic. Blackjack, Roulette, Poker, Slots, Video Slots, Progressive Slots 4 Jacks or Better, VC Casino has a massive variety of games available. Sign up bonuses vary depending on how generous they are feeling, as a general rule of thumb, there bonuses are usually always over £50, and anything over £100 you should go for. VC online casino is instant play, and with a 1, 2, 3 sign up process you can bank that bonus in no time.


Victor Chandler is one the most well known and well respected online casinos on the internet. They have a reputation for class, sophistication and like to consider them selves the choice for the online casino connoisseur. In this respect its easy to see why, VC is instant play i.e. You can play anywhere at any time with out downloads, its fast, graphics are slick and customer support is second to none.

All very well we hear you say, but what's the hook. What makes them the players choice. Well as they say, talk is cheap and money buys houses. Yes that's right we are talking about serious high stake tables and serious bonuses. Sign up bonuses are between £50 and often up to to £200 and on very special occasions sometimes even more. Monthly bonuses vary, but as an example, over the 2008 Olympic Games, Mr Chandler was randomly giving players free bets. Gold Free Bet of £50, Silver Free Bet of £20 and a Bronze Free Bet of £5. How cool is that. Just login one day and there some free money for you. Victor Chandler High rollers will be happy to Blackjack tables, where all the serious pro's play, have a minimum bet of £5 and whopping maximum bet of £1500.

Online Casino Angel recommends Victor Chandler Casino for online casino connoisseur, people who like high sign up bonuses (okay, okay!! We know, that's everyone) and high rollers. Tell them Online Casino Angel sent you, we might be able to get you some special offers.